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The fiddlehead: a sign of spring in my book.

Fiddleheads come out around Mid Spring

It occurs to me that one of the things that I do differently (and that I’m curious if others out there do as well) is that I celebrate the cross-quarters of the Wheel of the Year on the exact midpoint between the quarters. Anyone else doing that? (I recognize that no one is reading this blog yet because it’s brand new, but I’ll pretend someone out there somewhere will read this at some point and possibly reply…)

To put it more simply, many Pagans celebrated mid spring (Beltane) on May 1, but I celebrated it on May 5th, the exact midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.  It’s not terribly tricky to calculate the timing, but for the past couple of years I’ve found to be very useful as a reference.

Or, to put it more truthfully, that was what was carefully marked on my calendar for the afternoon of May 5th, but I ended up celebrating it on the 7th. Why? Real Life happened to me on the 5th: I had a major meeting called by someone way up the food chain at work, and I was a key player in said meeting, and the scheduling of the meeting was non-negotiable. I rolled with it, didn’t raise a fuss, and instead marked the moment a couple of days later.

I consequently enjoyed this past Saturday evening sitting outside in our old wood-fired hot tub, having a conversation with the glowing crescent moon. We had a very good chat.

I hope mid spring went well for you as well, on whatever day you chose to mark it


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