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I’ve been away, and pondering.

There aren’t many people following this.  I understand the reasons why.  But I wonder if the energies I might pour into posting here or having more people read my thoughts here wouldn’t be a misdirection of my energy.

I’m (yet again) realizing that I’m solitary for a reason.  I’m a solitary sort of person, and my views aren’t the views of the majority.  It’s not that I’m better than others, more that I don’t necessarily mesh with other Pagans on the key points.  Heck, I even disagree with a lot of the Pagan community on what the key points are, it would seem.  And all the angst that flows through and around our community redirects energy into places I wish it didn’t have to go.  Granted, there’s merit in some of the intracommunity discussions, and there’s an immense amount of importance in our fight for religious freedom in a (seemingly) increasingly nonpluralistic religious society (what a tongue-twisting phrase).  And some of the big (resurfacing) blow ups that occurred in the Pagan community right after I tried launching this thing (e.g. should we ditch the term Pagan?, among other things) haven’t helped either.

At various points I’ve considered different blogs, and a podcast.  Would I connect with other Pagans, or ignore them and go my own path?  Having a place where you self-reflect but don’t connect is an echo chamber.  There are pros and cons.

And what’s the point of putting my thoughts out there if I’m not wanting to convert anyone?  If it’s to find and gather up the people out there who share my views (such people undoubtedly exist), am I looking to be some sort of leader?  I’m a leader and an advocate and an activist in so many aspects of my life that it’s exhausting.  Can’t my faith be one place where I am only obligated to myself?  Where there’s peace and no pressure?  The energy I expend on my spiritual life should be directed toward helping me grow, shouldn’t it?  Or is that a selfish view, and that in fact by connecting with others I will do good things but also learn and grow?

I was going to delete this blog, but perhaps I just don’t recognize its purpose yet.  I’ll continue to consider.

And despite what I’ve implied in this post, I do welcome any thoughts or feelings you might have concerning this.

PS — I hope you had/have a wonderful Lughnasadh, if that’s something you celebrate.


{May 14, 2011}   Books and Journals
The book in which I chronicle my path.

My Journal

Pagan Blog Prompts has yet another useful prompt this week: the classic question of your Book of Shadows, Grimoire, journal, or what have you.

Not being Wiccan, I don’t keep a ‘Book of Shadows’ or a ‘Grimoire,’ but I do have a special journal that I use to keep track my path and my explorations of the Wheel of the Year.

I picked up my most recent journal at a Barnes&Noble while visiting Washington, D.C. last summer.  It was the only such journal they had in stock at the time, and it had (or, should I say, “still has”) a small flaw on the cover, but I was too enamored with it to let a blemish stop me from my purchase.  Only later, when I saw one at a B&N on the opposite side of the continent, did I consciously realize that it’s clearly a mass-produced journal and that I could have gotten one at any B&N.  In fact, you can even get one online.  (Will the wonders of the Internet ever cease?)

But hey, we all have flaws, right?  And this one reminds me of that rainy afternoon in the big city, when my eyes settled on its cover, the curiosity as I pulled it from the shelf, and the appreciation I felt at its weight in my hands.

It’s my newest old friend.  And it’s huge… two inches thick.  I only really write in it on special occasions, not daily — mostly to chronicle my holiday celebrations — so I think it’ll be with me for a very long time.

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